August 16, 2022
Glen R.

I have been doing service construction for over 20 years. A large part of my job has been travel and driving over 20k miles a year. My body has adapted to the driving position over the years making it tough to work, walk, stand and even sit. I have tried physical therapy more than five times, 20 years of pain killers allowed me to work but still did not kill the pain, I was in a desperate situation with quality of life. Finally Dr. Artem listened to me and is working on every joint and ligament that has stretched or shrank due to driving and cramped working conditions. I was loosing my grip and hammers would slip, I have a severe restriction in range of motion. I was able to resolve my back issues in the first week, it still flares up but now I know what to do. I am gaining back mobility in my ankles, knees, hips, neck, upper back, middle back, and my wrists. I am gaining my ability back and I have never been happier with my choice. This guy is better than pain killers. I am drug free, able to cure my pain, and on my own my goal is to run again for the first time in 15 years.