Don’t just take our word for it. Whether it’s a world-class athlete or a weekend gym warrior, the proof is in our history.

Dan S.

"My only regret is I didn’t start up with these guys sooner"
Denny B.
“I came to you guys and everything fell into place… and out of nowhere I was the best I’ve ever been within such a short period of time.”
Heather K.
“I’ll never forget that first day… right after he did that breathing routine, I was able to have more movement”
Kyle H.
“Coming here has been different because it has given me different routes…the breathing exercises…analyzing what worked and what didn’t… I exploded this summer.”
Michelle A.
“I wanted to be pain free and able to work out the way I want to work out… and so far I have been able to do that.”
Michelle C.
From Hamstring Pain To Back On The Court Pain-Free “As a Professional Basketball Player… I was looking for someone who was actually interested in your case, and not just throwing a plan at you that they use for everybody.”
Amanda E.
“This is a completely different system than anything I’ve ever tried…the specific methods they use are different…they train not only your body but your mind.”
Kevin F.
“I showed up here and it changed everything for me…it’s way more than I ever expected…my life has completely changed”
Dave K.
“For the first time in a decade, I’m back deadlifting, squatting, and playing golf… without being worried I’m going to hurt myself”


Sarah D.
USA Rower

Next Level PT is the best PT experience I’ve ever had. The staff are beyond friendly, easy to connect with and understand so much about how our bodies work in and out and sport or physical activity. I was able to work with Leor for multiple months to help my back, but he also helped me with many other things that came along with the challenges behind being injured. I would absolutely recommend Next Level to anyone who is struggling with an injury. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Next Level PT.

Rob L.

As a 46 yr old competitive power lifter and police officer I was very skeptical that anyone could help me with the serious pain in my knees. After the pain in my right knee started to effect my daily life and my mobility resulting in a close call at the gym I decided to take a chance on next level. From day one I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Ben understood my goals and concerns. I was surprised how much he knew about power lifting. Starting out slow he watched some of my videos and was able to break them down. Working on my flexibility he had me squatting without pain in a few weeks. During training I had a setback with my shoulder but Dr Ben was able to quickly adjust and had me ready for a meet in a couple weeks where I set records in my class and federation. This is not a place where they take your money and have you squeeze a ball for ten minutes. They are the real thing. I’m very grateful that I gave them a try!

Nicole B.

I went to Next Level for pain that I began experiencing in my shin, knee and hip while running. The pain had reached a point where I was limping around the day after a longer run and was seriously threatening my ability to continue running at all. Dr. Ben designed a program for me that reduced the pain to almost nothing within a few months, and taught me the tools to maintain/manage that level of pain free running. Additionally, he was incredibly responsive to any concerns that came up along the way and worked with me to adjust the program to best fit my needs. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him!

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