Feel long-term pain relief from the deepest root
No surgery. No medicine. No basic outdated treatments.
This is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT approach.


  • Meet 1-on-1 with a Next Level Physical Therapist to identify the root cause of your pain
  • Get all your questions answered about your pain
  • Identify your specific movement dysfunction
  • ​Know exactly what to do to get out of pain
  • Discuss whether or not we can take you on as a client to achieve long-term pain relief

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See How We Created Massive Transformations For People Just Like You
Steve O.
“It’s definitely new stuff…it’s a different way of doing it…but it works! I felt the difference literally the first day I walked out the door.”
Lisa T.
“At Next Level I feel like they don’t just treat your symptoms, they figure out what is the root of the problem…they start from the ground up, and they rebuild you.”
Matt S.
“I’ve been able to attain a much higher level of fitness, because we’ve gone beyond the initial cause and we’ve corrected issues that have built up over years of bad habits.”
Kevin F.
“I showed up here and it changed everything for me…it’s way more than I ever expected…my life has completely changed”


Michelle C.
Professional Basketball Player

There is not enough good things that I can say about Next Level Physical Therapy! At the beginning of the summer I was in search for a PT/training place that was close to home and could help me reach my goals as a professional athlete.

During this time I suffered an injury to my knee and was nervous due to the timing being so close to the start of my season.

Dr. Mike was there with me the whole summer to ensure that I was ready for my coming season. He took the time with me everyday to make sure that my progression was going well. Dr. Mike had challenging drills and exercises that imitated the things that I was doing on the basketball court so that when it was time to play I knew that I was solid in making those types of movements.

Dr. Mike is for sure one of the best therapists I have come across as a professional athlete. He made me feel comfortable and confident about all the work that he was doing with me. I really feel like he went above and beyond to help me this summer and I can’t be more appreciative and thankful to him for that. It is hard to find someone like Mike who genuinely cares and works tirelessly for you to be 100%!

Now I am back for my basketball season and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Ben too maybe ill see you in the SAND!! (lol) Also Justin keep working on that crossover (lol)!! Thanks again Mike!!!

Justin B.
Active Adult / Hockey Player

I have been putting off Physical Therapy on my hips for years now. All my previous experiences have been very poor. You show up, the PT has 40 other clients at the same time, they throw a band at you and tell you to do a few reps and then they don’t come back for 10 minutes. That was my impression of all PT until I saw an ad for Next Level PT on google.

I called and spoke with someone who seemed interested in my injuries and my plan to get better.

I showed up and met Dr. Elyse. She walked me through the whole process and set goals and expectations for me before we got to work.

Once we got to work, it was an experience UNLIKE any other program I had gone through. It was 1:1, it was personal and Dr. Elyse took her time with me and pushed me at the times when I needed it.

I have just wrapped up my 10 weeks. When I started, there were nights when I couldn’t walk up the steps without tears in my eyes. Those nights are gone. I am much stronger than I was when I started.

I will always have to work at this to keep the pain under control and fight off hip replacements, but Dr. Elyse gave me the tools and the confidence to be able to live a more active life and I am truly grateful for that.

I will recommend Next Level Physical Therapy to anyone looking for PT.

Also, Nicki, the client care Specialist, is an absolute delight to see before every session and always made the effort to find times for appointments that fit my schedule.

Shannon F.
NCAA Basketball Referee

Working with Next Level Physical Therapy has been a positive, uplifting, and healing experience for me. As a former athlete and current women’s collegiate basketball referee, I’ve had my fair share of injuries and have been in and out of physical therapy for much of my life. Next Level’s philosophy and approach to physical therapy is something I’ve never encountered anywhere else – their methods are thoughtful, tailored, and unique to each individual.
I’ve personally worked with Elyse for the last few months, and she has helped me make strides in feeling connected to my body again after having my first baby two years ago. As a patient of hers, I feel seen and heard. I’ve experienced marked improvements in my strength and overall confidence. And I have hope that I can keep improving and reaching my goals with her guidance and support.
Administratively, I’ve worked 1:1 with Nicki, who is a consummate professional. She’s been flexible and willing to work with me for any scheduling or programmatic needs, and she always has a smile on her face!
I truly can’t say enough great things about Next Level Physical Therapy, and I’m so grateful to be working with them.