Our sole purpose is to get you out of pain and back to doing what you love.

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Do you take insurance?
Yes. Once we make sure your pain is something we can confidently treat, we will check your physical therapy benefits for you.
Do you only treat athletes?
No. We are trusted by the best athletes in the world, however we do treat active adults who are aspiring to live an active healthy lifestyle. See who we treat here.
Will every session be 1 to 1?
Yes. You will always have our undivided attention during the session. You will never be passed on to an aide and/or intern.
How are you different from traditional Physical Therapy?
Traditional Physical Therapy tends to focus on just treating the symptoms. They give you hot packs, basic stretches, and exercises, in hopes to decrease the level of pain. We do not do any of that. Our sole focus is to get to the source of your pain and eliminate it from the deepest root. We do this by taking a much more comprehensive and whole approach by looking at everything from your movement patterns, posture, breathing, etc. Find out more here.
Do you treat anyone with pain?
No. We specialize in people who are suffering with pain after trying other solutions such as traditional PT and chiro. We will also never take on a client who we are not 100% confident we can help. Start here to find out if your pain is something we can treat.
Do you treat neurological conditions such as fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome?
No. Find out what we treat here.
Do you provide online treatment?
Yes. We treat athletes and active adults all around the world through our online program. Find out more here.
Do you do post-surgical rehab?
Yes. We are trusted by the best surgeons. Find out more here.
How do you make sure your treatment is world-class?
We have clinical training each week and complete clinical courses to constantly improve how we are diagnosing and treating our clients.