August 16, 2022
Denny B.

Dr. Mike has helped me with several injuries and it blows my mind every time. I would go to a doctor and they would not be able tell me why I am in pain. Then I would go to Dr. Mike and he would have the problem fixed within the hour. I recommend Dr. Mike to all of my teammates and anyone with an injury. If you are hurt, he is the guy to go to.

The other day I came to Dr. Mike with a sore arm and no answers as to why. He ran me through a few test and told me to go home and get a different pair of shoes. So I did. Once I got back he proceeded to prove to me that my shoes were causing my arm pain. I was shocked to say the least. Two days later he helped me find a pair of shoes that accommodate to my feet and I have been feeling great ever since. That is just one of the many times Dr. Mike blew my mind.

Last year I travelled to every state on the East coast for baseball. I worked with many physical therapists along the way. Not one of them came close to comparing to Dr. Mike’s ability. He is by far the best physical therapist I have ever worked with.