August 16, 2022
Amanda A.

I could not be more grateful for the years of physical therapy I went through at Next Level in Robbinsville. I began my journey at Next Level after injuring my back playing field hockey my junior year of high school. After my initial injury, I could not play my sport and experienced brutal pain and discomfort consistently throughout the day. Before starting physical therapy with Dr. Ben Fan, I was discouraged and worried about my ability to hold up my commitment to play Division I collegiate field hockey. However, after weekly visits with Dr. Ben, I was soon enough back onto the field and managing the bulging disks in my back thanks to the exercises and cues I learned at Next Level. 4 years later, I am currently a junior in college with a successful field hockey career that I very much owe to the work I did with Dr. Ben. To this day, I continue using breathing exercises and manual techniques I was taught years prior.
Not only did my experience at Next Level transform my back pain, but it also was a primary contributor to my desire to become a physical therapist myself. Seeing the influence that Dr. Ben had on me, as well as interacting with the other physical therapists and patients in the practice, I was incredibly inspired and realized I wanted to have that same impact on others in the future.