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The Top 5 Foam Roller Exercises For Instant Low Back Pain Relief

Author:  Dr. Elyse Dinan, DPT   If you’re experiencing low back pain, it can be hard to get through general daily activities, let alone workouts, without it stopping you. While these foam roller exercises are not long term solutions, they can at least provide you a window of relief to get your pain to subside […]

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Why Your Low Back Pain Might Not Actually Be A “Back” Problem

 Author: Dr. Shannon Russell, DPT, CSCS, USAW-1   Think you have a “bad back”? Maybe it’s time to check your knees and hips instead! Sometimes pain is not always what it seems. The body is a very strange and complex system and each part has an influence on one another. We think of body “parts” […]

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The Top 3 Things Your MRI Isn’t Telling You About Your Back Pain

 Author: Dr. Artem Imnadze, DPT   A common question or concern that often arises in the clinic is whether physical therapy treatment for lower back pain will work if there are positive finding on an MRI or X-Ray. This is an understandable concern as traditional thinking would have you believe that structural issues found on […]

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