August 16, 2022
Shraddha A.

I’m writing this review as I am waiting for my appointment. Dr. Ben and his team is absolutely fantastic. I went to them a year ago for my tennis elbow and unlike other physio clinics, they didn’t just do he spot treatment but also found out the root cause and fixed that. The methods/exercises are not the conventional ones, but if you do them diligently, they work flawlessly. I saw Dr. Ben for a period of 6 months and it’s been a year since and the tennis elbow hasn’t returned. FYI, I do weight training and in spite of lifting heavy weights, my injury didn’t return.
They work in unison with my gym, so I didn’t have to stop working out or change any of my active lifestyle. Now I am waiting to get my knees checked, and I wouldn’t go anywhere but to next level therapy.
Highly recommend it!