August 16, 2022
Mike V.

Dr. Ben and Dr. Mike get to the root of the problem. I had chronic pain in both knees for over 18 months. Now I can run with my kids, kneel on the floor to change a diaper, and move without pain after a quick warm up. Quick background – I am a Strength Coach of 17 years. So I went the typical stages of someone with an injury in sports for over 20 years as a player and a coach.

    Step 1 – Ignore the pain. Play through the pain. When that does not work…

    Step 2 – Try to fix the pain myself – A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. When that does not work…

    Step 3 – Search the internet for solutions from online PT’s and Q&A forums. When that does not work…

    Step 4 – Realize you need professional help.

It is impossible to self evaluate and identify problem areas as Dr. Ben and Dr. Mike can. This place is amazing for those who have chronic pain. Maybe you have tried multiple Physical Therapists. Maybe your pain goes away with some rest, but returns during activity. They listen and create a plan for a solution.

It is important to understand they are not magicians. You have to do the work. They will give you daily or weekly homework and you must do it. They test and retest each week (for me anyways). They will adjust as needed.

I recommend them highly. They gave me hope in physical well being again.