August 16, 2022
Melanie P.

I was recommended next level pt from a gym buddy so after over a year of working with a chiropractor (I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back) and not being able to progress and get back into a gym I decided to give them a shot. After my first consultation with Dr. Leor I instantly felt hopeful! I agreed to join their program with guarantee that I could become the athlete that I once was. Dr. Leor understood and listened to my inquiries, my fears, my past issues and explained and helped me understand in laments terms what my “problems” were and why they are happening and how to fix them. I learned a lot about myself and how our bodies work and how to prevent further injury by moving correctly. After finishing the 10 week program I am now back in my gym doing one on one sessions and some minor wods on my own and have had no set backs thus far! I am positive that I will continue to get stronger and I owe that to Next Level pt for sure!