August 18, 2022
Marla G.

If I can give 10 stars, I will. This team is the gold standard of physical therapy services.

I am 53 and quite active. I love zumba, hiphop, biking, swimming and walking. However, I have had many unaddressed injuries in the past which finally caught up with me. I found myself with progressive knee and hip pain on my right side to the point that I wake up in the middle of the night with throbbing pain and unable to sleep. I still managed to do my regular brisk walks but I tried to stay away from dancing. I also felt pain going up and down the stairs, so I had to hold on to the railing and proceed one step at a time going down, or having to pull myself when going up the stairs. I avoided sitting or squat down to the floor because it was so difficult to get up. I would have to get on all fours and pull myself up.
Xrays showed nothing wrong with my knee and hip, so physical therapy was prescribed. I have tried a couple of physical therapy facilities where I was on heat packs, ice packs, a water massage bed, TENS device and the usual exercises. I was given a piece of paper with exercises to do at home. Nothing seemed to help. I just chalked this up to getting old, as my friends also complained about body aches and pains.
One day, I saw a Youtube advertisement about Next Level Physical Therapy. While I felt that they were really geared towards athletes,, I decided to just sign up for a discovery visit. I thought this would be my final attempt at physical therapy. I met with Dr. Leor who explained their holistic approach and how it is different from the usual physical therapy sessions that people go to. Since I have and engineering background, we talked a lot about physics and how the body follows the tensegrity structural principle. I decided to get a more comprehensive assessment the following week and signed up for the program. I could tell this would be a different experience from my previous PT sessions.
Dr. Leor was the one who worked with me. He created a personalized plan to address my issues. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain each of the techniques, why he is asking me to do them and which muscles I should feel engaging in the movement. In addition to his scientific know-how, he is also intuitive in that he is able to connect the dots as to what is causing my pain. He is very patient and makes sure that the movement are executed correctly. When I run into movements that will cause pain on my knee or hip, he would figure out how to adjust the position (or the exercise) to make sure I was executing it without pain. Halfway through my program, I felt less knee and hip pain, I felt a lot stronger and moved a lot better. I learned how to do resets if I had some soreness. By the end of the program, my hip and knee are pain-free, I can squat and stand up with no problem at all, I have regained my inner strength and confidence and I am back to Zumba, hiphop and Bollywood dancing. Next Level has really brought me to a level I never thought possible. Thank you, Dr Leor and team!
Do try them out! Your search is over. They will be the last physical therapists you would need to see.