August 16, 2022
Justin B.

I have been putting off Physical Therapy on my hips for years now. All my previous experiences have been very poor. You show up, the PT has 40 other clients at the same time, they throw a band at you and tell you to do a few reps and then they don’t come back for 10 minutes. That was my impression of all PT until I saw an ad for Next Level PT on google.

I called and spoke with someone who seemed interested in my injuries and my plan to get better.

I showed up and met Dr. Elyse. She walked me through the whole process and set goals and expectations for me before we got to work.

Once we got to work, it was an experience UNLIKE any other program I had gone through. It was 1:1, it was personal and Dr. Elyse took her time with me and pushed me at the times when I needed it.

I have just wrapped up my 10 weeks. When I started, there were nights when I couldn’t walk up the steps without tears in my eyes. Those nights are gone. I am much stronger than I was when I started.

I will always have to work at this to keep the pain under control and fight off hip replacements, but Dr. Elyse gave me the tools and the confidence to be able to live a more active life and I am truly grateful for that.

I will recommend Next Level Physical Therapy to anyone looking for PT.

Also, Nicki, the client care Specialist, is an absolute delight to see before every session and always made the effort to find times for appointments that fit my schedule.