August 18, 2022
Dan B.

Next Level Physical Therapy did wonders for me. I had a chronic pain on my right side of my back. It went to the neck down to the bottom of the back. It did not prevent me from doing things like working out but it inhibited me quite a bit. It also caused many headaches. Dr. Ben worked with me to create stability where I was lacking. My strength and flexibility were always there. I just needed to learn how to stabilize my body in areas to create more balance and harmony with the muscles. This was done with many breathing exercises where we hold a position and tighten up the muscle area. Then by achieving full breaths into the chest and releasing it, the oxygen getting to the areas allowed for the pain to disappear. Repeating these exercises each day allowed me to achieve a huge level of success. I now have very little pain, fewer headaches and more range of motion. My stability has become much greater allowing my intense workouts to be even better. Thank you Dr. Ben and Next Level Physical Therapy! You guys are #1 to me!