August 18, 2022
Dan B.

As a high-level beach volleyball player who suffered a torn hip flexor in September 2019, learning the root cause of the injury and fixing it so it could be prevented in the future was paramount. My trainer, Kevin Wagner, recommended Dr. Ben Fan at Next Level Physical Therapy because of his personal experience as a beach volleyball player as well as his deep understanding of human movement. Within an hour, Dr. Ben was able to diagnose my issue and its root cause (misaligned hips), recommend a treatment plan, and give me a timeline to fully recover. However, he reinforced the idea that in order to stay healthy, the program I was about to begin would need to become a part of my athletic routine. Dr. Ben put me through rigorous workouts, combining body positioning with breathwork to help my body open up and correct its positioning. Every day he was attentive, receptive, and patient working with me, fielding dozens of questions in order to explain his recommendations and their benefits. His easy-going demeanor and high levels of professionalism are a reflection of the expectation of service that Next Level Physical Therapy offers. I could not be more grateful I went to Next Level – I am a better patient and athlete as a result.