August 16, 2022
Carson L.

I was extremely fortunate to find Next Level PT in my quest for better movement, decreased pain and better training. I myself am a sports medicine PT, was a college athlete, have strength trained for many years and have (for the most part) successfully rehabbed my own injuries and surgeries, but for the last several years have been unable to really reverse the trend of tightness in my R shoulder that was reducing my training quality and, honestly, my desire to even train, since I would train and be in pain for 2-3 days after. Sometimes a problem needs a new perspective….

A PT friend of mine happen to send me a link for Next Level and after doing some research and taking advantage of a free phone screen, I signed up and am glad I did! The intake process was very thorough and pertinent, asking not only health but training questions and the most important piece for any patient – what are my goals? I was subsequently matched with Artem and he proved to be an excellent fit!

It’s important to note that I live in Chicago and can fully endorse telemedicine as a viable treatment option. In the hands of an expert clinician such as Artem, this treatment format worked wonderfully!

Artem did an extremely thorough movement assessment to identify the origins of my deficits and systematically built a custom-tailored program that took me from very basic, isolated movement and breathing patterns to much more complex movements. Artem structured and progressed my program in a very collaborative manner, constantly soliciting feedback and adapting to any particular areas where I was struggling. Now that I’ve completed the program I feel empowered with a rock-solid program of corrective and mobility exercises that feed into an overall training regimen that really works and feels good. I feel like I’m finally moving forward, gaining strength and not getting hung up with small nicks that turn into larger injuries down the line.

So as both a PT and a patient, I recommend Artem and everyone at Next Level PT with the utmost confidence. Not only is Next Level a strong group of solid clinicians, but they are a credit to the PT profession as a whole – the type of practice that every PT should aspire to!